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A patent attorney with over 20 years experience, Walter J. Tencza Jr., Esq., will take your call, point you in the right direction, and get you started.

If you have already visited the United States Patent and Trademark Office web site,, you may be overwhelmed and confused by the tremendous amount of information provided.

One phone call to Walter J. Tencza Jr., Esq., can clear up your confusion and save you time in your invention pursuits.

If you need help obtaining a patent, Walter J. Tencza Jr., Esq. can give you an estimate for costs involved.

If you don’t know whether you want a patent, trademark, or a copyright, Walter J. Tencza Jr., Esq. can help to clarify the differences.

Tired of delays in getting your patent?

Walter J. Tencza Jr., Esq. can help speed up the patent process.

Walter J. Tencza Jr., Esq. has helped many individuals and businesses in their patent, trademark, and copyright matters.

As just one example, Richard Belliveau is the holder of more than 65 patents, the majority of which were obtained by Walter J. Tencza Jr., Esq.  Richard is the co-founder of High End Systems, which was acquired by Barco Lighting Systems, Inc. for 55 million dollars.


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