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Other Trademark Resources:

A.   Advantages of USPTO Principal Register Trademark include:
      • USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) Principal Register Trademark generally will show up in a trademark search and thereby inhibit others from using, filing for, and/or obtaining trademark registrations for confusingly similar trademarks.
      • Applications for U.S. Registration of confusingly similar trademarks should be rejected by the USPTO.
      • USPTO Principal Register Trademark considered to be used throughout the United States as of its application date, which may be critical in priority contests with other users of the same or confusingly similar trademarks.
      • Gives right to sue in Federal Court for Trademark Infringement, and to potentially obtain treble damages and attorney’s fees in appropriate cases
B.   How Do I Pick a Name to Use as a Trademark?
C. Ways the USPTO May Refuse Your Trademark

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