5stars_2Professional, Honest, and Thorough

When the time came for me to compose a patent application, it quickly became clear that the advisement of a professional lawyer was vital for success. Walter J. Tencza Jr. was referred to me by a courtroom judge, and I could not have been any more pleased with the experience provided by Mr. Tencza. He was very clear with the estimated cost of his services which were very reasonable and accurate with regard to the final cost. His advisement was thorough and carefully orchestrated in order to provide maximum protection with regard to my invention. I would absolutely hire him in the future and would recommend his services to anyone who is in need of a lawyer for patent application, intellectual property, or trademark application.

Posted by Derek

5stars_2 Completed in 4 Days what Others Could not  Finish in Months

When I first contacted Mr. Tencza my lawyers just informed me that they will not be able to respond on time with my second Office Action, it was just four days left.
Same lawyers prepared the first Office Action but they argued that the second one is too complex, had too many references and that they would need more time and money to finish it.
I was disappointed,after so many months they still didn’t know how to respond and they never corrected any claims , Patent Office pointed out many problems with the claims.

I called Mr. Tencza, he asked me to send the files, one hour later he called me back.  He said that he did not like the claims and would have to change them, he also pointed out another problem, because it was just four days left I would have to pay a few hundred dollars for extension, he said that he would do his best to avoid this fee.
Four days later I received an email with completed Office Action and brand new claims, very good professionally written claims.  I could not believe it, and I was so happy.
Mr. Tencza completed in four days what others could not finish in many months!!.
We got two patents and I managed to license my invention.
When working with Mr. Tencza I noticed how efficient and effective is his work compering to my previous lawyers,the amount of work he did for me would cost me much ,much more money with them,of course if they were able to do it .
Thanks Mr. Tencza.

Posted by Greg

5stars_2First Rate Patent Attorney

Mr Tencza served as attorney for writing and submitting my U.S. patent to the US patent office. It was initiated by a description of the methodology from my conference paper that contained all of the elements of the patent, which he then translated into patent leagalize language for submission. We discussed his results by phone as the text grew, we added new elements, and the process was quick with very few delays. After the patent was granted just under two years after submission, with no questions from the US Patent Attorney office, suggesting a very tightly written manuscript, he provided support in extending the patent to several foreign countries as well. I would use him again for future submissions, and would recommend him to anyone in need of patent law support.

Posted by Dennis


Smooth and Successful Process for Several Inventions

Mr Walter Tencza, Jr. has helped me for two patents of two different medical and mechanical devices. I’m very satisfied with his excellent revision of my writing and the process are smooth and successful. I still have several inventions going on and I ask him again to be my attorney for my patent application.I highly recommend him.

Posted by Deye Wei

5stars_2Readily accessible and knowledgeable.

Mr. Tencza was very responsive to my calls and questions. He gave me excellent legal advice and did a great job writing the claims for my patent that was issued. He didn’t nickle and dime me for every little thing. I have and will continue to recommend him to those in need of a patent attorney.

Posted by Susan

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