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Patent Services Include:

  1. Expedited Patent Applications
  1.  Design Patents – Protect your product designs
  2. Utility Patents – Protect the functional aspects of your product or process. Examples include:
  1. Patent Infringement Opinions- Worried about whether your proposed product will violate another patent? We can give you advice which will save you from an expensive lawsuit.
  2. Patent Search –Free patent searching is available BUT we also offer patent searches by an experienced patent search professional.
  3. Patent Appeals – Sometimes the USPTO makes mistakes. We have succeeded in about 70% of our appeals in getting the USPTO to reverse course.

Where do you begin?

You’re excited that you just developed a new product and you’d like to know what is the first step. Will it be well received?
Do not make the mistake of disclosing the details and contacting other companies first
Call us instead at 1-866- PAT-1NOW so we can help protect you from the very beginning.
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