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YEAR   2000
US06161696 12/19/2000 Transparent container and base apparatus
US06161131 12/12/2000 Digital real time postcards including information such as geographic location or landmark
US06148386 11/14/2000 Address generator circuity for a circular buffer
US06136053 10/24/2000 Method and apparatus for starting fires
US06073835 06/13/2000 Mechanical model and counter method and apparatus
US06065887 05/23/2000 Correction tape with a cap holder
US06065371 05/23/2000 Dual needle injection device
US06064522 05/16/2000 Miniature mass producible non-reciprocal devices
US06056671 05/02/2000 Functional capacity assessment system and method
US06049613 04/11/2000 Method and apparatus for encrypting, decrypting, and providing privacy for data values
US06032815 03/07/2000  Collapsible box
US06016246 01/18/2000 Wrist strap
US06014270 01/11/2000 Cylindrical lenses for alignment of optical sources and destinations

YEAR   1999

US05987865 11/23/1999 Underwater sensing apparatus and method
US05982228 11/09/1999 Frequency tuning apparatus and method for continuous-time filters
US05948967 09/07/1999 Acoustic analysis of gas mixtures
US05947312 09/07/1999 Reusable container system
US05944912 08/31/1999 Cleaning solution apparatus and method
US05922981 07/13/1999 Personal lighting system for drummers
US05913557 06/22/1999 Hand gun lifting and carrying device
US05903870 05/11/1999 Voice recognition and display device apparatus and method
US05863445 01/26/1999 Etched coil unibody digital detector

YEAR  1998

US05791479 08/11/1998 Cutting board and storage method and apparatus
US05745949 05/05/1998 Back applicator container
US05745929 05/05/1998 Sanitary covering method and apparatus
US05720226 02/24/1998 Object retaining device

YEAR 1997

US05694036 12/02/1999 Direction sensor and distortion reduction control circuitry
US05671841 09/30/1997 Method and apparatus for switching mechanism
US05653818 08/05/1997 Lottery ticket scraper and method of use
US05634275 06/03/1997 Combination of two tools
US05619168 04/08/1977 Distortion creation and reduction circuit


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