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design-invent-patent- Patentnow.comLooking to start the patent application process but not sure where to begin?

Here are a few items outlining why Patentnow.com may be best for you.

Corporations that are involved with promoting and distributing inventions do not have the expertise needed to assist those undertaking the patent application process. They specialize in marketing an already-patented invention rather than providing legal advice to secure one.

Large patent law firms might seem to have a lot to offer, but you might also end up getting lost in the shuffle and not get the attention that your idea deserves.

Walter Tencza Jr. is a NY/NJ registered patent attorney with offices in Edison, NJ who services both local clients and individuals from around the world. At the Law Office of Walter Tencza you can work directly with a patent attorney who has industry experience as an engineer followed by more than 25 years of experience as a patent lawyer.  This experience is vital to writing a strong patent application.  We have more than 275 patent applications allowed in many different fields.

A well written patent application is critical to your company’s success.

We stand ready to help you at each step of the patent process.

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  • Over 25yrs Experience
  • Clients all over the World
  • Work Directly with a Registered Patent Attorney


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