It Takes Two to Get Good Patents

When I talk to inventors in my patent practice, I tell them it takes two to obtain good patents: A skilled experienced patent attorney and a knowledgeable cooperative inventor (or inventors).  Case in point: Richard  Belliveau, is the holder of more than 65 patents, the majority of which were obtained through my office.  Richard was recently awarded the Parnelli Award as a leading innovator in the lighting industry.  He is the co-founder of High End Systems, which was acquired by Barco Lighting Systems, Inc. for 55 million dollars in 2008.

Why is Richard so successful?  Well firstly he is a brilliant and involved inventor, who provides invaluable input for his patent applications.  Secondly, and perhaps just as importantly, Richard recognizes that for all of his brilliance, he is not a patent attorney.   Over many years, Richard has found my intellectual property expertise to be vital in helping him to succeed.

Some inventors may file their own patent applications without the help of a patent attorney.  Generally, this is a big mistake.  Inventors typically will not be familiar with patent laws, rules, and regulations, which can detrimentally affect their chances of obtaining and enforcing a patent.   Inventors acting on their own, often, will not prepare a patent application in a manner to provide them with the best protection or to give them the best chance of obtaining a patent.

Other inventors may make the mistake of handing an invention description to a patent attorney and asking the patent attorney to “take care of it” without adequate further inventor input.  This is also a big mistake.  Your patent attorney, no matter how good, will probably not completely and immediately understand your invention.  The inventor needs to have continued involvement in the process, so the patent application correctly describes the invention.

The combination of an involved creative inventor, like Richard Belliveau, and a highly qualified, skilled patent attorney, like Walter J. Tencza Jr., Esq. (PATENTNOW.COM®), while not a guarantee of success, is a great recipe in the quest for patents.

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