Full Color E-Book On Patent Basics

If you’re already familiar with the patenting process, we have a free brochure withcookiepatent_Page_01 some key tips.

However , if you’re new to the entire patent process, let us step you through it as we follow Cookie’s journey from the initial idea through the entire patent process. The basic information is helpful for anyone age 5-99.

Topics include:

  • I have an invention- what should i do first?
  • Who can you tell about your invention?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How long does it take to get protection?
  • and more (over 20 pages).


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  • Over 25yrs Experience
  • Clients all over the World
  • Work Directly with a Registered Patent Attorney


Free E-Book

What Every Inventor Needs to Know About Patents