One Way to Tell a Good Patent Attorney From a Bad One: Longstanding Clients that Come Back Again and Again

If you went for a haircut and were pleased with the results, you probably would go back again.

If you hired someone to fix the roof of your house, and were happy with the outcome, you might ask that person or company to replace the siding on your house.

The best referrals in any business come from the simple yet powerful action of a customer or client, going back to the provider for additional work.

It is the same way for Patent Attorneys except for the following.

If a Patent Attorney caters mostly to individuals (as opposed to large companies), unlike a haircut, many individuals attempt to get only one Patent in their entire lives.

In addition, individuals, as opposed to large companies, tend to have more simplistic concepts which are more likely to be rejected.

Furthermore, individuals generally have less money, may give up more easily in the face of an initial rejection, and even if they get an allowance may conclude that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Issue Fees, possible later maintenance fees, and/or the entire patent process is simply not worth it.

With that said, a good, and reasonably priced Patent Attorney, even one that caters largely to individuals, should have some repeat clients.

One way to see if a Patent Attorney has repeat business is to Google®  the issued patents which show the Patent Attorney as legal representative, and see if an inventor has more than one issued patent through the same Patent Attorney.

As an example, I (Walter J. Tencza Jr., Esq. PATENTNOW.COM®, 732-549-3007) was the patent attorney on U.S. Patent No. 6,331,813, for Richard S. Belliveau, issued on December 18, 2001, and on U.S. Patent No.  9,188,845 for Richard S. Belliveau, issued about 14 years later on November 17, 2015.

During that 14 year period I obtained the vast majority of Mr. Belliveau’s more than 70 U.S. Patents, and I am currently still proceeding with further patent applications for Mr. Belliveau.

There are many other examples where I have been the patent attorney on multiple issued patents for a client.

For example, I have obtained at least 10 utility patents and 1 design patent, to date (with more pending) for an individual inventor, Joseph N. Laurita.

I have obtained at least 14 utility patents to date (with more pending) over an approximately 9 year period for a small company called C&P Technologies, Inc.

I have obtained at least 7 U.S. patents, and approximately 17 registered trademarks over a 10 Year period for a small company once called Master Cutlery, Inc., now Master Cutlery, LLC.

I have obtained at least 5 U.S. patents over a 5 year period for an individual inventor named Cheman Shaik.

Some patent attorneys and/or firms that cater to individuals may charge a lot of money to obtain patents, but may have almost no repeat business.

Even if the clients are somewhat satisfied at receiving a patent, there is no way they are “doing that again” because they have lost too much money.

In my solo patent practice I deliver quality, personalized service at reasonable prices which allow individuals and small companies to come back again and again.

If you are interested in obtaining a patent, trademark, or copyright, call me now.  (Walter J. Tencza, Jr., Esq.,  732-549-3007, email:, PATENTNOW.COM®)

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