Getting Older? Don’t Despair, You May Be Able to Speed Up Your US Patent Application

Nobody wants to get older.

However,  getting older does have its benefits.

Social Security and Medicare; assuming they’re still there.

Senior discounts on everything from movies to travel to eating out at restaurants.

I frequently joke with my children that I can’t wait to reach a certain age so I can pay half price on train tickets and get fifty percent off breakfast at my favorite restaurant.

Similarly, becoming an older inventor, has its advantages.

For example, when you reach the age of sixty-five, you can speed up a non provisional U.S. patent application, by filing a petition to expedite based on age.

As a U.S. registered patent attorney (Walter J. Tencza, Jr., Esq., 732-549-3007, PATENTNOW.COM®) with about twenty-five years of experience, I have filed petitions to expedite based on age for a number of inventors.

What difference can such a petition make?

Recently, I filed a petition to expedite based on age for inventor Nathan Zaccaria.

Mr. Zaccaria’s U.S. non provisional patent application and petition to expedite was filed on  June 25, 2015 , and after some back and forth with the US Patent and Trademark Office, we were able to get issued U.S. Patent No. 9,351,415, on May 24, 2016.

So from filing to issuance, it took about 11 months.

Compare this with the US Patent and Trademark Office’s statistic of more than 26 months on average from initial filing of a patent application to final disposition (patenting or abandonment). (See  “Traditional Total Pendency”

Just because Mr. Zaccaria was able to get an issued U.S. patent, and fast, does not mean that you will be able to do so.

There are many laws, rules, and regulations related to the U.S. patent system and having a U.S. registered patent attorney is essential.

Call Walter J. Tencza Jr., Esq. now, at 732-549-3007, (PATENTNOW.COM®), for a free phone consultation to find out more.

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